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Typically those who have mystical experience return to the 'normal' world inspired to action. Though the mystics aims are in 'no way concerned with improving anything in the visible universe', they do not neglect their 'duty to the many' (Underhill describing the 'Characteristics of Mysticism' in Mysticism).

This may seem paradoxical: Why act in the visible world, which many mystics believe is illusionary, if their aims are 'wholly transcendental'?

Two closely connected reasons seem clear: First, given the common (perhaps universal), message of mystical experience that love is at the core of Absolute Reality (see Greeley, p. 79), we would expect action to ease suffering; second, given the perception of the essential unity of Absolute Reality, to serve another is to serve Absolute Reality: "Love is the bridge between spirit and matter" Sri Nisargaddatta (see The Complete Guide to World Mysticism p.139).

The socially engaged Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh expresses both these principles in his notion of 'inter-being': " 'This is like this, because that is like that.' This is the way of understanding and love" Love in Action, p.66

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