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This section lists the environmental philosophy topics that are currently explored on the green fuse. I intend to expand this selection as time allows.

Each topic is introduced with an overview, which then links to further discussion that explores the strengths and weaknesses of each particular philosophy. Our forum provides the opportunity for more debate and discussion.

General discussion on environmental philosophy (forthcoming)
Deep Ecology , What is Deep Ecology?, Critique of deep ecology, Social Ecology, Critique of social ecology, Eco-Feminism, Critique of ecofeminism, Spirituality and ecology.

My brief history of the UK road protest movement up to 1997 offers a more political - and more personal - perspective.

Research notes on the 'Anglo-American Humans and Nature Forum' Inaugural meeting, Oxford University, 13-14 May 2002, which explored the theme: 'How can education contribute to a society which interacts more sustainably with nature?'

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